Gearlab Outdoors Announces New Logo and Exciting New Evolution of Product Range

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World-renowned creators of high end kayaking gear turn gaze towards the shore.

By Gearlab Outdoors

Taipei, March 31st, 2021: Gearlab Outdoors, previously trading under the name Gearlab, are famed in the world of sea kayaking for their innovative, cutting edge Greenland paddles. They have been credited with almost singlehandedly bringing the Greenland paddle from a niche group of traditional paddlers to the mass market and have achieved global success and recognition for their elegant, precision-engineered gear which also includes their award winning Deck Pod. Building on this success, the team at Gearlab Outdoors are now excited to announce their plan to bring this passion and expertise to the wider outdoors market with a new range of products designed for use on both land and sea.

Gearlab Outdoors Announces New Logo and Exciting New Evolution of Product Range

Gearlab Outdoors' new logo and branding reflects the evolution of the company and its mission. Bold and confident, the initials spell “GO” and the letters are delineated by a single zigzag, reflecting the company's new duality, a balance between land and sea. It is the shoreline, both a wave and a mountain, a beating heart that promises to accompany the owner wherever their adventures take them, be it the open ocean, the winding river, the deep forest or the soaring mountain. Balance, elegant simplicity and uncompromising performance are all encapsulated in this new symbol to appeal to the modern adventurer.

The rebranding is accompanied by the launch of a new website and social media campaign aimed at spreading the news of Gearlab Outdoors new mission far and wide and showcasing the range of products. The new website is now live at


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