Crash Replacement Program

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Accidental Crash Replacement Program
We understand open waters can be a challenging and unpredictable environment. This program is an additional coverage we offer to support kayakers when you experience a major structural damage on the paddle as a result of your paddling activity during rough conditions.

If you damage or crash your paddle in the waters during a paddling activity, Gearlab Outdoors offers an industry first, 3-Year Crash Replacement Program. This program allows you to replace your same paddle at a greatly reduced cost. The program aims to offer a peace of mind coverage to support the paddle owners when things don’t go your way out in open waters. It does NOT cover accidental or intentional damages to the paddle on land.

Conditions and Procedure

  • You must register for the program within 60 Days of purchase to be eligible.
  • The coverage is valid 3 Years from date of purchase.
  • You may only use it once during this 3 year validity.
  • Offer and replacement is limited to the first original owner of the paddle.
  • You will be asked to explain briefly how the incident happened and provide photos and serial number of the damaged paddle.
  • If qualified, you will receive a unique coupon code to purchase the same or comparable replacement model for 30-50% discount.
  • To submit your replacement request, please contact Gearlab Outdoors at

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