Why We Chose to Make the Deck Pod 2 Drainable, Rather than Waterproof


By Gearlab Outdoors

The launch of our Deck Pod 2 was a proud moment for everyone at Gearlab Outdoors. We feel it represents the pinnacle of our design and engineering prowess, a deck bag which is simultaneously practical and refined. Dare we say, stylish even. Many paddlers around the world are already choosing to take it with them on their kayaking adventures, trusting it to keep their deck organised and gear safe.

One interesting feature of the Deck Pod 2 which we often get questions about is the decision to opt for a drainable bag, rather than a waterproof one. This sets the Deck Pod 2 apart from its competition and may appear counterintuitive at first glance, therefore we wanted to share our reasoning behind the design.

Why we chose to make the Deck Pod 2 drainable, rather than waterproof

The deck of a kayak can be a wet and wild place. The ocean is unpredictable and whilst a waterproof deck bag may give the illusion of protection, in our experience water will still get in, especially in challenging conditions. A zip not properly fastened, a wave that breaks across the deck just as you're opening the bag to access the contents, even wet hands can all introduce water to the bag. A waterproof bag then holds that water inside and leaves your gear sloshing around. You're then faced with the prospect of draining and drying it out. The Deck Pod 2 has a simple solution and adheres to a simple principle: Water in, water out. The unique design includes a drainage hole at the back so water can flow freely through the design. Many of the items we need access to on the water are not necessarily aquaphobic anyway, charts in map cases, bilge pumps, snacks and hydration, all won't mind a bit of water. Devices without waterproofing are normally placed in their own dry bags or waterproof housing.

Why we chose to make the Deck Pod 2 drainable, rather than waterproof

All this means a waterproof deck bag is not strictly necessary or even desirable. At Gearlab, we chose to do away with the bulky and expensive waterproof materials, ensuring the Deck Pod 2 remains light, low profile and unobtrusive on your deck, offering minimum resistance to wind and water, while still keeping your gear safe. A major complaint of some deck bags is that they raise the kayak's center of gravity and provide a surface area for wind and water to act upon. For that reason alone many prefer not to use one at all. The Deck Pod 2 hopes to appeal to such sceptics with an ergonomic, minimalist design. A deck bag that does its job quietly and keeps out of your way.

We hope that by giving you a glimpse into the minds of our designers, keen sea kayakers themselves, you can better appreciate the unique design of the Deck Pod 2 and use it with confidence, wherever your adventures take you.

Why we chose to make the Deck Pod 2 drainable, rather than waterproof



  • Posted on by scott

    I see you no longer offer the blue colour in the deck pod 2. Is it still possible to order one in the blue?

  • Posted on by Kevin King

    I would like to have the mounting straps a bit longer, maybe 2” longer, it barely fits on the deck lines of 23” and 24” wide boats that some big people paddle.

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